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Welsh Mini-Conference – at Blanco’s Hotel, Port Talbot 4th February 2024

Welsh candidates)

It was a pleasure to organise our Welsh mini conference at Blanco’s Hotel, Port Talbot on Sunday the 4th of February.

Our guest speaker was Richard Tice (Leader of the Reform UK – Wales/Cymru party) and it certainly hasn’t been a one-off visit for our Leader as he has supported many candidates in Wales and visited Wales on many occasions.

Our diverse candidates gave a speech and they attended from North Wales, South, Mid and West Wales.

Following Richard’s speech there was a Q&A session with Richard and the audience put many questions to him. Our apologies for not getting through all questions due to lack of time but there will be many meetings with candidates all over Wales to accommodate people living in different parts of Wales.

Our tickets were sold on Eventbrite and pleasingly, we sold out with just a few people unable to make it on the night.

Our other guest speaker was Kimberley Isherwood from Public Child Protection Wales, who campaigns across the UK for Parental Rights to be able to say NO if you do not want your child to receive Sex Education in school. Currently, there is NO PARENTAL OPT OUT and therefore NO CHOICE. Once again, despite public consultation on this the Welsh Government ignored your views and implemented this curriculum which was against the wishes of the public during consultation.. Kimberley, campaigns against children of 3-4 years of age receiving such education at such a young age. It is also my view, and I had an article published in the Western Mail on December the 15th 2020 as a former Member of the Senedd. I proposed an amendment to the Bill that there most certainly should be the right for parents to withdraw their children from relationships and sexuality education (RSE) should they wish to.

Our mini conference was a great success and all our candidates spoke on different topics which kept our audience captivated. We hope to replicate these mini conferences across the whole of Wales, which will give people the opportunity to attend. Hope to see you all there in future.