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Honoured to represent the Reform party in Bridgend.

Ogmore Castle, Bridgend, Wales, UK

I am honoured to represent the Reform party as the Prospective Parliamentary candidate for the Bridgend constituency.
As a local candidate, I have taught in schools, worked in Local government, and owned three small businesses. I also had the honour of serving as an Assembly member in 2016 to 2021, with my constituency office located in Porthcawl. This has given me a deep connection and understanding of my community.

Having remained committed to supporting our community’s third sector by volunteering as a breast cancer buddy, meeting and supporting 18 people in 2023.

It is also a privilege to be the Chairman of our local veterans’ hub, supporting those who hold a special place in my heart. It is because of our Armed Forces that we can sleep safely at night . And fo that I say a huge thank you. The housing crisis in Wales see many of our veterans living in tents or on the streets because they are not a priority. This is a national disgrace and is morally reprehensible.

Housing is devolved to Wales and yet our Welsh Government is totally oblivious to the needs of the community.

Port Talbot faces the loss of 2,800 jobs and that is not counting the ‘knock on ‘ effect on contractors and surrounding businesses. This only adds to the challenges of an already deprived community.

Both government’s quest for NET ZERO should not come at the expense of the livelihoods of ordinary citizens. We need to address these issues head on.

The Guardian newspaper accuses Tata of hypocrisy, due to them building massive blast furnaces in India (twice the size of ours) while blaming carbon emissions for closing sites in Wales.