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Caroline’s roots run deep in the heart of South Wales, where she was born to a serviceman, carrying forward a tradition of service to her nation, and proudly standing as the granddaughter of a miner, a symbol of the industrious spirit of the region. Her early life was steeped in the rich cultural tapestry of South Wales.

Caroline’s education journey took her through the local institutions, reflecting her strong ties to the community. She attended college and pursued her higher education at a university in South Wales, where she honed her skills and knowledge, further solidifying her bond with the land and its people.

Her personal history is a testament to her connection with Wales, her commitment to its heritage, and her enduring dedication to uplifting the lives of its residents. It’s this deep-rooted connection that fuels her passion for advocacy and service to this beautiful nation she calls home.

Caroline’s professional journey has been marked by a diverse range of experiences, highlighting her versatility and deep understanding of the community’s needs.

Initially, she embarked on a career in education, holding qualifications in Physical Education and Drama. Her teaching career served as a foundation for her commitment to nurturing the potential of young minds.

However, her path eventually led her to local government, where she gained valuable insights into governance and public administration. While working in this capacity, she embarked on a journey of academic growth, pursuing studies in Law and Economics at the university level. This dedication to expanding her knowledge demonstrates her commitment to continuously improving her skill set to better serve her community.

Caroline’s entrepreneurial spirit also shone through as she became a business owner, managing three local businesses in the Bridgend constituency. Her ventures not only contributed to the local economy but also provided employment opportunities for members of the community, emphasizing her dedication to its growth and prosperity.

Furthermore, her time in the Prison Service, where she managed her own department, afforded her a unique perspective on the criminal justice system and the rehabilitation of individuals within the community.

Caroline’s extensive experience across education, local government, entrepreneurship, and the prison service has provided her with a profound insight into the multifaceted needs of her community. This diverse background uniquely positions her to address the challenges facing her constituency comprehensively and effectively.

Caroline’s political journey is marked by her dedication to serving her constituents and advocating for important causes.

In 2016, she assumed the role of the lead candidate for UKIP in the Senedd Election and was duly elected, beginning her term that lasted until 2021. During this period, Caroline effectively represented her constituents by actively engaging with the Welsh Government, exemplified by her impressive record of asking 450 questions and delivering 364 speeches. Her unwavering commitment to her duties was reflected in her excellent attendance throughout her tenure in the Senedd.

However, in 2018, Caroline made a principled decision to leave UKIP and took on the mantle of an independent politician. Her move to independence allowed her to pursue her vision for reform and to work collaboratively with like-minded individuals who shared her commitment to positive change. She later became the leader of the Independent Alliance for Reform, emphasizing her dedication to shaping a better future for her community and Wales as a whole.

Throughout her political career, one of Caroline’s passions has been representing veterans and their families, a cause she holds dear to her heart. Her role as Chairman of a Veterans Hub in her community showcases her tireless efforts to support those who have served their country with honour.

Caroline’s political history is a testament to her resilience, her willingness to stand for her principles, and her unwavering commitment to the well-being of her constituents and her community.