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November has certainly been a busy month.


It was wonderful to be asked to be the guest speaker in the Kings Head Hotel in Usk.

Mr Hugh Moelwyn Hughes asked if I would attend to speak about the Reform party in Wales. A Q&A session followed which was very interesting and the group of people present are the Free Libertarians. Other groups were present to talk about the 20mph speed limit.

Other groups regularly attend including Public Child Protection Wales led by Kimberley Isherwood who, like me think the new Curriculum for Sex Education in the classroom is unsavoury to say the least and the fact that there is NO PARENTAL OPT OUT beggars’ belief. We are living in a dictatorship and not a democracy. I certainly voted against this when I was a member of the Senedd, but I will give a detailed account on this subject as time goes on. This weekend was of course Armistice Day on Saturday and as the Chairman of a Veterans Hub in my constituency I attended the Cenotaph for a short service and two minutes silence. A wreath was placed on behalf of those who gave their lives for us.

On Remembrance Sunday, we attended the local Church which, I am pleased to say was full to the brim. I was given the honour of leading the procession in the Church to place the Book of Remembrance in the hands of the priest. We had a lovely Church Service and later went outside where I placed the wreath on behalf of our Veterans Hub, again a huge privilege and an honour.

As many of you, I totally disagree with demonstration marches being allowed to take place on either of these days because this is our tradition and Veterans parades were cancelled by councils all over the UK . Veterans were also told not to wear their medals too. These are the people who have allowed us to feel safe as they risk their lives while we sleep safely at night. Nothing will ever stop me selling poppies or placing wreaths. Our politicians have an awful lot to answer for and we need to be able to parade, sell poppies and place wreaths with the support of our councils and politicians. We have not been able to this this year and now is really the time for change. There should be no fear when we remember the sacrifices soldiers made by giving their lives for us. We must be allowed to offer them the respect they deserve.

We also had our Llanelli candidate Gareth launch his campaign. Richard Tice came as the Guest Speaker, and I was also asked to speak. This was followed by a Q&A session. There were over sixty people present for Gareth’s Lauch and it was a pleasure to be part of his evening. Well done, Gareth. Other candidates in YOUR area will also be holding meetings and launching themselves as Prospective Candidates shortly.